Cat Behavior Modification

We Work With You So Your Kitty Can Thrive

Angry kitty

Does your cat go potty outside of the litter box? Or howl in the middle of the night? Or maybe your cat just has catitude and doesn’t get along with other family members? Are you stumped on what to do about your cat’s behavior? Whatever your issue our resident Cat Whisperer will work with you and your beloved feline family member to resolve it. We require a trip to the vet to ensure your cat is medically healthy. We request this documentation in order to set up the in-home consultation. The consultation costs $150 consists of a 90 minute visit in your home with all members of your family.

Together, we will create a individualized plan for both you and your feline. We use Jackson Galaxy and Mieshelle Nagelschneider methods of correcting cat behavior. Additionally, we suggest doing 2-3 follow up visits to ensure your desired results are continually achieved. These phone sessions last for about 30 minutes and are $80 each.

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