Fundraiser For Vern At Relocation Rescue

POP Cats 2019

Vern the cat

This weekend at POP Cats Austin, we will be raising money for a special cat named Vern. Vern was rescued by Relocation Rescue from the Lockhart Animal Shelter, and he needs our help. Take a read on Vern’s story.

Vern laying back
Vern is grateful for being rescued by Relocation Rescue. Here he’s stretching out enjoying his medical foster’s home.

Vern is a sweet Maine Coon cat that needs our help! He was rescued from the Lockhart Animal Shelter and later they discovered, he had a displaced hip. Once he was with his foster, it became apparent that he was in limping in pain. Vern deserves a comfortable life free of pain. He needs Femoral Head Ostectomy surgery, which is when the ball of the hip is too large to fit in the socket.

Vern needs YOUR help! Any size donation will help Vern get the surgery, rehabilitation and move into his forever home happy and pain free. The hip surgery and rehabilitation are estimated to cost between $1,906-$2,039 at Central Texas Veterinary Specialty Hospital. If you are interested in donating online, please visit the GoFundMe page set up by Kelley Rice for sweet Vern. Otherwise, we will be selling our hot pink reusable bags for $5 each with all proceeds going to Vern’s surgery.

Vern x-ray 1
Vern x-ray 2

As always, thank you for being part of our TLC family!