How To Make Your Pet Happy While You’re Away

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While you and your family are getting excited for time away, your pet gets excited as well. Whether you are traveling now or in the future, it’s important to think about the comfort of your pet. A happy pet is the best pet!

Your pet’s stress level changes when they experience a disruption in their normal routine, such as an empty apartment or house. There are a variety of behaviors your pet may display. These could include but not limited to: trembling or shaking; relieving themselves in the house; drooling; panting; hunger striking aka not eating; destruction of household items; non-stop howling; and/or continuous barking.

The good news is there are many ways to make your pet happy and more comfortable. Consider the following before your next trip:

  • Leave out worn clothing items. It has your scent and your pet smell you while you’re away.
  • Utilize Comfort Zone plug-ins and sprays. These release pheromones to help reduce stress!
  • Leave on talk radio, classical music or the TV. This will help with feeling less lonely.
  • Teach your pet how to play with food puzzles. It keeps their mind and their mouth’s busy.
  • Remember to stock up on your pet’s favorite treat. We love to give treats in order to build a strong relationship with your pet. This helps reduce stress, too!
  • If your pet is visually stimulated, try closing the blinds or at least enough where they cannot see other pets walking by. They will thank you!
  • Consider longer visits especially if you travel infrequently or are traveling for an extended period of time. Our clients prefer 30-45 minute visits for their anxious pets.

Additionally, our sitters are equipped with knowledge and experience to make your pet a happy pet. We are constantly evaluating your pet’s stress levels while you’re away. In particular, it important your pet gets enough activity to support a healthy emotional well-being. Whether it’s a long walk and/or play time, these are extremely important outlets for stress and anxiety. A tired pup is a happy pup! A tired kitty is a good kitty! We love to give TLC, if you couldn’t tell by our name! This helps reduce stress and increase happiness through physical contact of petting.